The Origins 

Manukahunney was formed in 2012 by soul singer Siobhan Brown and with a growing following, Manukahunney have become one of Northern Ireland's best live soul bands with a reputation for creating that authentic and irresistible live soul vibes that has become synonymous with every performance. With a desire to bring soul in its many forms the Manukahunney brand has developed to bring soul in a variety  of ways to suit different occasions. Whether  it be the high energy big band soul sound for those who like to dance  known as Manukahunney  or the more laid back soulful vibes found in the smaller collective of Manukahunney Blue or the solo projects by Siobhan, where the art  and creativity of the voice and instrument flourish,  Manukahunney has something for everyone to enjoy.


Siobhan's vision is to share soul in its various forms  ( funk, jazz, gospel ,blues, contemptoary etc) that  

inspire and flow freely  as an expression of oneself and connect to the listener at an emotional level. The Manukahunney experience is all about those rhythms and melodic notations  and irresistble vibes presented through the unique collaboration  and vision of this band that allows the listener to hear soul from a very different perspective. As a painter paints from their soul  in their own unique style,  the  Manukahunney soul projects (Solo to big band sound) do the same and invite you to taste music unique to the soulful interpretation of Siobhan and the MH band.  So get on board this soul train and journey with us into the Manukahunney world of Soul!

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