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"My Dark Side" New EP

The latest manukahunney EP release "My Dark side” 7th July 2023. 

This 2nd EP explores Manukahunney's musical background and  seeks to introduce the listener to  Manukahunney's cultural roots, in her "Dark side” that is her cultural roots in music of Black Origin. What ensues is an authentic soul sound showcasing the  development of Manukahunney as an independant artist.  This EP’s  celebrates Manukahunneys musical and vocal arrangements and her ability to  direct and co- produce all of her work. As a  result of lockdown Siobhan delved into creating music outside of a live band to challenge her ability as an old skool artist for the 1st time, to digitally create an EP and through it  explores the wide variety of  inspirational influences on the  Manukahunney Sound. Gospel, Dance Soul, neo soul, jazz & drum and bass influences can all be heard flowing through this eclectic EP. With topics of resilience, love, empowerment and self awareness, Siobhan  has  reached deep into her Soul to creating this uplifting EP  that sets the foundation in her cultural  roots. Her Manukahunney Soul Journey has truly begun with this  Iconic Soul EP and as the first black Woman over 50 to produce Soul Music coming out of Northern Ireland she is  proud to be a true Soul Ambassador for the island of Ireland.

Record and CD available - purchase 

Record £15 - plus P+ P

Overcomer T Shirt  - £20 + P P


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The Manukahunney EP 'LET GO' is out now!

3 song EP  - “The EP is an exciting start to our own musical journey of soul, jazz, gospel & blues grooves, especially for music lovers with roots grounded in music of black origin.  I’m delighted to at last record & release to the world original music of our own.

Available as a digital download.

'LET GO' EP digital download.

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