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Soul music is a much loved genre and there’s nothing like hearing soul music live when it reaches the deepest parts of your inner being and lifts you up into a musical high that forces the groove to come out of you and gets your feet tapping and the body moving like its never moved before!! A Manukahunney show does just that and brings those classic well loved soul tunes to the stage in an authentic manner that takes you back to their legendary origins, whist keeping it fresh, as they interject with impromptu twists and interpretations, interwoven in many of the soul covers songs they do. Watch this space for their own new material too, coming soon!!

Infamous for having the most culturally diverse and wide age ranging audiences, there is genuinely something for everyone to enjoy at a Manukahunney show.  Its funky, fun and one of the greatest feel good live soul music shows, that must be seen and experienced for yourself!  Most definitely a quality great night out!! Taste and see!!

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